Maryland SPCA Festival for the Animals, formerly the March for the Animals, is the Maryland SPCA's largest event, raising the critical support to care for the almost 15,000 pets that are served through our programs each year. Since this event underwrites nearly 10% of the Maryland SPCA's annual budget, your fundraising participation is important.

It can be intimidating to raise money from family, friends or colleagues, but once you get started, you'll be surprised by how easy and fun it is. Check out some of the ideas below from some of our seasoned fundraisers, or log in to your Participant Center to utilize the email and Facebook tools available.  

Start early: May 5 will be here before you know it. Get to work now and you'll build in time for the much-needed gentle reminders that some may need.

Become a self-donor: Inspire others by making a personal donation and asking your network to match your contribution.

Make your participant center personal: Share your story and why you are walking for the homeless pets. You'll also want to upload a photo of yourself or your team and create a fundraising goal.

Send emails: Use our pre-written email messages to forward along to your network. It's that easy.

Check to see if your company matches your gift. Remember that many companies match their employees contributions.

Offer your services. In exchange for a donation to your fundraising page, you could: babysit, drive a friend to the airport, rake leaves, shovel snow or cut the grass, or host a dog or car wash. 

Share on Facebook. Continue to post special fundraising messages and links on social media and keep everyone updated on your progress.

Form a Pack: Some of our best fundraisers start a team or "Pack" to support homeless pets, here's a quick video to learn more about how to get going.

Here are a few ideas we gathered from past fundraisers:

CrossFit: Ask your CrossFit gym, spin class, yoga center, etc. to dedicate a special workout to benefit our homeless pets.

Orioles: One of our top fundraisers gets blocks of tickets to various Orioles games as a way for Packs to raise money for the walk-a-thon at the Festival.

Happy hour: Pack members gathered at their favorite pub for fun and libations and a portion of the proceeds went to their fundraising goal.

Garage sale: Pack members have gathered up extra stuff and hosted a garage sale with the proceeds going to the MD SPCA Festival for the Animals.

Donate your birthday: We've had fundraisers ask party guests to send in MD SPCA Festival for the Animals contributions in lieu of birthday gifts.

Host a jeans day: A company Festival for the Animals Pack made a "Maryland SPCA Day" where co-workers who made a donation were able to wear jeans.

Lemonade stands and bake sales: Some of our best fundraisers are kids! They've set-up lemonade stands and hosted bake sales at school to raise money for their Pack.

Snail mail. One of last year's top fundraisers garnered her support the old-fashioned way--writing letters to friends and neighbors.

Special Fundraising Challenge

Raise $500 in 7 days and here's how!

  1. Sponsor yourself first for $25.
  2. Ask four family members to sponsor you for $25 each.
  3. Ask five co-workers to contribute $15 each.
  4. Ask five friends to contribute $20 each.
  5. Ask five neighbors to sponsor you for $15 each.
  6. Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50.
  7. Ask three businesses you frequent to donate $25 each.