Maddie MaltipooThe Maryland SPCA is an independent, nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of pets and people in the greater Baltimore region since 1869 by providing education, veterinary services and humane care. The Maryland SPCA receives no operating support from the ASPCA, and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals in Baltimore and the surrounding area. In addition to adoption and lost pet services, we offer a multitude of programs and services for the community and for residents who already own a pet.

In 2017, with support from the March for the Animals (now the Maryland SPCA Festival for the Animals), we were able to help almost 15,000 pets in our community! What we do each year with your support:

  • 3,000+ Adoptions and Rescues
  • 6,600+ Spay/Neuter Surgeries
  • 5,000+ Wellness Clinic Patients
  • 1,500+ Transports from Other Shelters
  • 11,000+ Students Reached Through School and Other Outreach Programs
  • 22 tons of Food Collected and Distributed to Feed Hungry Pets in our Community
  • 750+ Public-Owned Pets Assisted by Behavior Programs
  • 1,600+ pets helped through our Foster Program

For more information about the Maryland SPCA, visit or call 410‐235‐8826.