2018 Maryland SPCA Festival for the Animals

Team Kenna

Kennady Rose was a 2.5 year old little girl who battled hard against stage 4 Neuroblastoma. There’s no words to describe how sad we were to watch her go to heaven on February 21, 2018 but we know our little girl has a purpose. She had a BIG love for all animals but dogs and cats were by far her favorite! If you were lucky you could watch her walking and crawling around our home acting like an adorable puppy dog. With her growing expertise in the medical field (the girl helped her nurses AND doctors) we swore she was either going to cure cancer or put all of that into becoming a Veterinarian one day. 

The MD SPCA was a VERY special place for our Kenna. It was even one of the last places she went before her passing. We would take her in between her hard treatments and watch a smile go across her face as she greeted every dog and cat waiting for a home. We always promised her that after all of treatment that we would get her her own dog but we sadly never got to that point. After her passing we have made it a priority for us to raise money, collect items and donate to the MD SPCA since we know it held a VERY special place in Kennadys heart. We want to radiate the love Kennady had for these animals in her honor!! 

So please join our pack, raise money, donate, or even donate items the SPCA is in need of! We appreciate every member of Team Kenna who also supports the MD SPCA


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