2018 Maryland SPCA Festival for the Animals

MD SPCA Kibble Connectors

The Kibble Connection Program helps local pet owners who are elderly and/or home-bound by providing food for their pets.  The Maryland SPCA collects donations of pet food from members of the community, and they organize and package the pet food donations.  Meals on Wheels volunteers pick up the food and deliver it to clients.  In these hard economic times, it was discovered that some Meals on Wheels clients were sharing their meals with their pets and not getting enough to eat. Kibble Connection helps ensure that Meals on Wheels clients and their pets maintain good nutrition.  In 2017, Kibble Connection provided 6.7 tons of pet food to 75 cats and 50 dogs.  Through this program, elderly and home bound community members are able to keep their companion pets at home rather than consider surrendering them because they lack pet food.

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