2018 Maryland SPCA Festival for the Animals

Back Door Dog Deals

It has been a tradition for sometime now that Priscilla and Sara would participate in the March for the Animal's annually and raise money to help the homeless animals of our home town! Last year Sara and I were unable to participate due to the many festivities and activities that were involved with wedding planning! This year we are back 2018 and we would like to surpass our fundraising goal in hopes to make up for not being able to participate last year and we would like to invite you all to join our pack!

 On May 5th, Priscilla and Sara, along with Saba, Asuquita, Canella, Mocha and Coby, will be participating in the SPCA's Festival for the Animals and their Walk-a-thon! Help us reach our donation goal to help all animals who don't have a loving family, home, supplies, or necessities! If Sara and I could adopt all furry friends, we would. Unfortunately, that is not the case. BUT -- we can make a difference right here! Whether it's $5 or $50, every dollar counts and we greatly appreciate anything! The Maryland SPCA alone cares for over 15,000 homeless animals each year. It's time for us to support them and their amazing efforts they make each and every day. Please donate and/or join our pack!

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