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Teen Internship Participation Consent Form


Kids 4 K9s, Pet Pals, Maryland SPCA

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I am the legal guardian of the Participant listed above. Submission of this form indicates that I have read and understand the information provided about my teen’s participation in the Teen Summer Internship Program offered at the Maryland SPCA.

Question - Required - I agree to the conditions listed below with the understanding that my teen may be asked to withdraw if at any point the instructor feels he/she is unable to effectively and safely participate.


1. Teen Interns will participate in a series of learning opportunities at the shelter including:

  • Using positive reinforcement to train a dog
  • Understanding dog/animal emotions and body language
  • Applying safe play/interactions with dogs at the shelter and in the community
  • Understanding basic pet care/needs and advocating for humane treatment of animals

2. Teen Interns will participate in training practice segments working directly with shelter dogs. The instructors will demonstrate and assist teen interns with application of new skills. All teen interns will be asked to follow safety guidelines and to use proper training tools and handling protocol for shelter dogs during training practice segments. These safety instructions include, but are not limited to:

  • No rough-housing/rough-play with other teen interns OR shelter dogs (running, jumping around, yelling, etc.)
  • No interactions with the shelter dogs unless supervised.
  • No physical or strong verbal correction/punishment used when interacting with the shelter dogs.
  • Adhering to “safe space” guidelines (maintaining a distance of at least four feet from other dogs while handling/training with an assigned dog).
  • Adhering to ALL other safety guidelines provided by the Maryland SPCA

3. The teen intern agrees to follow all safety guidelines. Should an unforeseen incident occur, the teen intern and his/her parent/guardian will not hold Kids-4-K9s, Inc. or the Maryland SPCA liable.

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